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Self-Service Laundromat -- Youngstown, OH

At Super Laundry Express we have fast, efficient Express Washers & Dryers. All washers and dryers accept coins, credit/debit cards, and our convenient Super Laundry Card. Earn FREE Dry Time when using Super Laundry Card. We are also fully attended and offer wifi for your comfort and convenience.

Super Laundry Express provides a modern, clean, and comfortable environment for you to relax in while you do your laundry. We have the most modern Express Washers and Dryers so you Get Done Faster and we have lots of washers in every size so you don't have to wait. 


At Super Laundry Express you can use quarters, credit/debit cards or our  convenient Super Laundry Card for all washers and dryers...your choice.  And, don't forget, when you use your Super Laundry Card  to start your washer, you get FREE Dry Time with Every Wash!

The washer sizes that we have available are:

  • Double Load Washers – 20 lb.

  • Triple Load Washers – 30 lb.

  • Maxi Load Washers – 50 lb.

  • Mega Load Washers – 60 lb.

  • Magnum Load Washers – 80 lb.

The dryer sizes that we have available are:

  • Large Dryers – 30 lb.

  • Extra Large Dryers – 50 lb.

Super Laundry Express is fully attended for your safety and convenience.  And if you are too busy to do your laundry yourself, we'll be happy to do it for you. Click here learn more about our Drop-Off Wash & Fold Service, 

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